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"Taylor Made, for you!"

What Is TIDF?

Have you ever wanted a custom made product, just for you?
Some special item close to you broke, but isnt available anymore?
An idea for something amazing enter your head, but lack the ability to create it?
Then this is the place for you!
Taylor Industries offers design and fabrication services through Taylor Industries Design and Fabrication. We bring your dream to life through our 4 step program of Consultation, Design, Plan for Fabrication/Materials, and Fabrication. We let you sit back and relax as we do the heavy lifting of bringing what you desire into the real world.


The first, and perhaps most exciting stage is Consultation. Simply put, what do you want, and how can we bring your idea to life? Consultation is free and secure, meant to allow you the space to focus on your idea. At this stage we want to set aside any concerns with regards to price or physical viability. Our service is meant to bring ideas to life at a price point both you and TI think is acceptable. We want to make sure the average consumer is able to properly explore their desires for something unique and personal. As for physical viability, we have a wealth of experience in our ability to bring about the most elusive ideas as physical products in clever, novel ways that surprise.


Design is the true heart of any good product, as it influences how it is made, and how it will function in your hands. Our engineers take all of this into account. We have over 5 years of experience and numerous tools at our disposal, we give our clients something made for them in as little time as possible.

Plan for Fabrication/Materials

After design comes a Plan for Fabrication/Materials. This is where the link between an idea in the digital domain, and the physical product is made. As with anything else, the foundation for doing something well requires a plan. To make sure a good product is made, we conduct a Plan for Fabrication as a way to lay out the steps we need to build this idea. Materials, short for Bill of Materials, is the full list of what actually goes into your product. From the volume of 3d print material, to the individual bolt, we ensure value is achieved. The reasoning behind listing these items as a step is a belief in full transparency - of how we create your product, and as a way to let you know what exactly goes on behind the curtain.


The last step before your product is in your hands, Fabrication is where the magic happens. Whether your product is machined, cast, printed, carved, or any number of operations used to complete your idea, TI's fabrication team also has years of experience in multiple processes under their belt. Our promise to you is the ability to shape material in a way that you see fit for your idea.

TIDF Specials

Bring Your Own Materials (BYOM)

BYOM is a program launched by TIDF to investigate novel ideas for products while operating on a near shoe-string budget. This allows the prospective consumer to find themselves a bargain for something that truly is one of a kind. The BYOM program allows for the commissioning of products by a prospective client, where the client pays only for the materials listed on a product's Bill of Materials page.


Email: taylor@taylor-industries.org


Blue Sky: @taylorindustries.bsky.social

Full Terms of Service (ToS) (Updated 11/9/2023)

This contract applies to the design and fabrication firm further refered to as Taylor Industries(TI) for their serivce Taylor Industries Design and Fabrication. The person or institution further called Client purchasing from TI a product designed and/or fabricated by TI, further called the Product. By ordering the Product from TI the Client agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Client will specify a minimum viable product for TI to design and fabricate during what is considered the initial consultation.
  2. After initial consultation of the specifications for a minimum viable product, and if the product is something that is within the capabilities of TI, TI agrees to provide a prospective Plan for Design and Fabrication, along with a prospective Bill of Materials.
  3. The prospective Plan for Design and Fabrication, and the prospective Bill of Materials are only meant to serve as estimates for the client on the cost of design time, fabrication time, and materials. This is not idicative of a final price.
  4. Client will be made aware at any point of the design stage of the status of their design, and total hours spent on design.
  5. Initial payment will occur once design for the product is complete and screenshots of the design provided to client, with total billable hours for design recorded and sent to Client.
  6. Apon payment, client will be provided documentation of a final Design, Bill of Materials, and Plan for Fabrication for approval.
  7. Once approved, client will provide necessary resources for acquisition of materials listed in the agreed apon Bill of Materials, and updated on status of when materials are acquired and used.
  8. Client will be made aware of status of the product's fabrication, along with total hours spent on fabrication of product.
  9. Once product is finished fabrication, client will be billed total hours for fabrication.
  10. Products completed from a provided design will only be billed with regards to costs acrewed on the Bill of Materials, and billable hours spent during fabrication.
  11. Products completed from the BYOM(Bring Your Own Materials) list will only be billed with regards to costs acrewed on the Bill of Materials.
  12. Once product is fully paid for in design, materials, and fabrication, Client will provide for any costs associated with shipping and handling of their choice.
  13. Refund may be granted either for materials, or if product fails specifications determined as a minimum viable product.
  14. Client will retain documentation regarding the Design, Bill of Materials, and Plan for Fabrication of their product in the case of a refund, or if the client desires a cancelation of the development of their Product.
  15. Refund will not be granted if product is broken due to shipping, handling, or misuse.
  16. TIDF agrees with client that any conversation had during initial consultation is kept confidential, as to protect the client's right to choose a different service to proceede with design and fabrication.
  17. Client agrees to allow Taylor Industries the right to use images and descriptions of the product after initial consultation for promotional purposes.
  18. Client agrees to use product only for personal use, with commercial use allowed on request and after negotiation with Taylor Industries.
  19. Client does not hold the right to use the product in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the Web3/cryptocurrency space.
  20. Client does not hold the right to use the product in any AI-related technology, including submitting for datasets, and any future inventions in the space of autonomous content generation.