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Taylor Industries: What We Are About

An "Executive Summary"

The context of TI's founding is not in the desperate search to exploit new markets or profits. Instead, the context of TI's founding is to be seen in the rust belt, Tennessee Valley, and ghettos that grow in number. Locations where there is a surplus of labor, and access to the supply chain is limited only in what could be found in a Dollar General. Towns where the flow of capital is outwards to a bank account in Chicago, with little actually staying in these communities. We're sure we don’t have to explain the effect this has on these communities. The decadent urban and suburban bourgeoisie only offer the advice of "Lifting yourself by your bootstraps", while the leaders of land and financial capital don’t know nor care of the plights of these peoples.

Where there is a problem of this massive scale, Taylor Industries offers a solution that doesn't involve the decimation of entire communities. What we offer is a grassroots project in establishing worker co-operatives to produce and maintain a parallel industrial supply chain to anyone that wants to participate. The exact mechanisms are deserving of more detail on it's own dedicated page. Broadly speaking, the organization these "Franchises" and how they're implementable is by reducing the initial capital to near zero, by either providing the documentation necessary for individuals to build their own machines from scrap and waste, or by implementing a "Pay it forward" model, where industry is gifted from other "Franchises" with the expectation that industry created by the individuals "Franchise" is distributed to others wanting to participate.

The true scope of Taylor Industries is vast, as the project to be undertaken is in doing the necessary research and manufacture of entire supply chains, and as such there may be no definite timeline of "Success". What can be said is that Taylor Industries success will not be found by reaching any valuation based on employees, capital, or assets. Any costs are to be paid for from our own pockets from our own funds, or by donations provided by those that wish to support this project. Success will be found only when a community can become self-sufficient without having to interact with the larger international supply chain. Where food, water, electricity, machines, and luxuries can be produced and distributed by you and your neighbor.

The Industries of Taylor Industries

The specific "Mechanism" of Taylor Industries is the integration of various industries under one distributive structure. The following is a description of various "Divisions"(As an analog to tradition business structures.), or as known in TI, "Industries", identified as the bedrock of TI, and the keys to it's success. It is also important to remember that this is fluid, and that while descriptions of the roles of these Industries may change, the underlying idea of success found in numbers, and in distributive networks, will always remain the foundational bedrock of TI.

Taylor Logistics Industries

If there is any key Industry to be found in Taylor Industries, it is the industry of Logistics; The serivce of a network allowing the coordination of selling, and recieving, goods