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Project Gamble

Replacing gameplay with gamedev.

Posted: 11/30/2023

Last Updated: 11/30/2023

"It's a working title." (11/30/2023)

So, what is Project GAMBLE?

After spending my life as a games consumer, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and become a games producer. This is after loosing a truly massive amount of interest in games that I've played over the last few years, and having many, many different ideas stirring about in my head during the same time span. While my end goal of all of this is something much, much bigger, the pitch for this specific project, Project GAMBLE (The working title for this game), is a strategic level RTS focused around the management of building and maintaining supply chains for both military and civilian developments undertaken by the player. This is the fever pitch of a dream game of mine that I've been mulling over for about 2 years now. I hope to finish as a way to play something that I would enjoy, and to tell a story of where I think everything is heading, and what a "Proper reaction" should be to it. As per usual TI fashion, I've broken down this project into multiple basic game mechanics. I've listed them below in order of importance, with unfinished items higher up on the list requiring more attention than those lower on the list.

Gameplay Features List

The Supply Chain

Of the following mechanics, this one is probably the most important, as it's the basis of what I want this game to be. Not only that, but, it's probably the one thing that Im able to "Figure out" alot faster. To simplify this as much as possible on my end, I'll feel satisfied once a few conditions are met:
Raw Resources are extracted via pressing a button at a Extraction Node. Raw Resources are processed into Processed Materials via pressing a button at a Refining Node. Processed Materials are fabricated into Components by pressing a button of a da Fabrication Node. Components are manufactured into Finished Goods by pressing a button of a Finished Good at a Manufacturing Node. Building construction is determined not from a factory that makes buildings, but instead if the components required to build a building are available. Resources transportation is determined by management of links between each node, with links managed by the player. Time taken to transport between each node determined by number of trucks, with at least 1 being required. Each node will have "Internal" storage of inputs and outputs, along with time to process each operation. Storage nodes should also be addable for each part of the supply chain, specific to each resource being stored (Ex: Bulk storage for ore, warehouse storage for processed goods, etc).