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Posted: 11/13/2023

Last Updated: 11/13/2023

The Modular Wallet (11/13/2023)

The what?

This project takes on a common theme that I feel like I'm going to show in these posts: Specifically, desgining for my own personal needs, and designing for those needs in a way to squeeze as much utility from the design as possible. In the case of The Modular Wallet (Consider it a working title), I ask myself; What is it that I wish to EDC (Every day carry), and how can I keep it in a wallet-thingy that still fits in my pocket. After mulling the question around in my head for a bit, I come around to listing various items that I believe are best kept on my person all the time. These include my personal note book, it's pen, an SSD with it's cable, a multiool, my various cards, and cash. Before anything else can be done, material must first be found as a way to create a mockup. This is something that I wont use forever, but, also do want it to show off the "Minimum viable product" of what the modular wallet should be. As such, I tore apart a cordura journal cover that isn't being used (As it's been replaced with my faux leather protfolio for holding journal notes), and cut the pieces to sizes that "Make sense" in being the maximum width of what could fit in my pocket. The following are the results of my scavaging;

Materials used for wallet mockup
End result of wanting to do alot with very, very little money.

A common theme for these will also be me trying to make do without having to buy materials and not having to throw out stuff I already have. That being said, while it aint pretty, it still works. The next step is laying out the EDC items on the sheets of cordura, and drawing an outline to serve as way to visually represent a layout that "Makes sense" for me. I dont want anything that will be too tall bumping directly with other tall items, or else the wallet wont properly close. Space must be efficiently used to make sure there arent little bits jutting out here and there.

Outline for wallet mockup
At least it's readable.

After folding the base with all the items togeather and seeing if it becomes too thick or unergonomic a few times, the strips and pockets used to secure the items to the base are glued to the base.

First part of mockup assembly
It's coming together.

This continues until all pockets, and straps are glued. Finally, the zipper is glued to the external edge of the base. This is pretty hard, and required me to be alot more careful trying to curve it around the edge. Taking my time, it's finished.

Second part of mockup assembly
Coolest part of recording this stuff is remembering what essay you were listening to while doing this stuff.

Considering that I'm not really sure what else to describe with this process, here's the end result. As you can see, it holds everything I needed, and is at the maximum of what anyone would reasonably call "Pocket sized". Overall, I had alot of fun with this, as I always considered anything "Clothing & Accessories" related a bit too much for me.

Finished wallet mockup, closed.
Listened through "Consider the Lobster" while making this.

Finished wallet mockup, open.
It all fits togeather.

Finished wallet mockup, in pocket.

Something of note that isn't shown, is the process of stitching the seams to the body. This was done as glue can only hold it togeather for so long, and odds are I'll be using this until I can get alot more cordura. I dont know too much about sewing, so I think all I can say is that I ran a stitch along the glue seams, only doing straight lines and not tangling the stitch. Considering it's held up for about a month or so by now, I'd say I did a good enough job. Hopefully next time I update this the whole thing will look alot nicer.

What's next?

This isn't done, not by a long shot. I'll probably continue updating this as I go, and as I acquire new materials, so stick around! To list a few of the improvements I wish to try and do;